Here's how you can help:

1. Show the video at your next meeting.

Put 15 minutes on the agenda for your next meeting. Show it straight off our website. If your meeting site does not have an internet connection, save it onto your laptop hard drive first and bring your laptop to the meeting.

2. Have everyone sign up as supporters.

  • Pass out our sign-up sheet, so people can sign up as supporters. That way, they can sign I-735 now, and we will contact them to sign the minimum wage initiative when it is introduced.
  • Set up a few laptops around the room, and let people line up and take turns signing in as supporters on our website. That saves us hundreds of volunteer hours doing data entry. Please use this much better option if you can.

3. Have everyone sign I-735 at your meeting.

The Middle Class Alliance strongly supports getting the money out of politics. We are working with WAmend, who wrote I-735 and is leading the signature-gathering efforts. At least one week before your meeting, email Nimco Bulale at nimcobulale@wamend.org or call WAmend at 206-850-1163. They will get you the materials you need, including petition signature sheets. They can also send a local organizer to your meeting to help out.

4. Sign the Minimum Wage Initiative in 2016.

We will contact you as soon as it is introduced in 2016, so you can sign it. Signing up thousands of supporters ahead of time sends a strong signal that it will pass. Stand up for what

5. Work with us.

One week before your meeting, email us at info@MiddleClassAlliance.info, so we can ensure you have all you need for a successful meeting. Using the video at meetings all across the state is worth thousands of signatures for both citizens' initiatives. Please work with us ahead of time so your meeting goes smoothly and signs up as many new supporters as possible.

C'mon Washington, let's do this!

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MCA Video Checklist Twin Win Initiatives MCA Sign Up Sheet

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MCA Twin Win! Toolkit