Middle Class Alliance is made up of a group of diverse individuals who fall into the largest segment of our population, the Middle Class. Our core values are simple. A growing middle class is the keystone of a strong society, less poverty is good for everyone, and people who work and play by the rules should be able to support their families. If you believe that our country and community were built from the middle out regardless of partisan politics, this is the place for you. As we grow we encourage each new member to invite a few more friends to join.

Members in your neighborhood have a regular meeting spot, usually a coffee shop or pub. We get together, enjoy one another, and support one another. Together with members across the state, we stand up for a growing middle class, less poverty, and basic respect for one another in our politics and our society.

We know it only takes a few thousand good people–working together–to swing an election. That means if we stick together, our voice will be heard. We’ll let you know of opportunities to take action, but mostly, we just ask members to stick together and be sure to vote. We like common sense candidates who focus on our core values.


  • We are a coalition of moderates, progressives, centrists, and independents.
  • We stand for more middle class jobs, less poverty, better schools, and cleaner government.
  • We work by meeting with elected officials to promote specific policies our members support, and reporting each elected official’s support or lack of support back to our members.
  • Elected officials listen because we recruit many independent voters and infrequent voters, who might or might not decide to vote for them.
  • Our nonpartisan priorities are specific policy proposals, reviewed and updated each year by our members.
  • We grow through friendships, not advertising. Our members invite more members to join, so our numbers and influence snowball.
  • We’d like your membership and your voice, to help us bring power back to the people and bring jobs back to the middle class.

Our 275 members are a team of friends, with moderates, progressives, centrists, and independents working together to do things that just make sense.


Chuck Green, Chair
Loren Sickles, Vice-chair
Dennis Kampe, Treasurer
Suzanne Kendall, Secretary
Noland Hoshino, Marketing Director
Erik Horeis, Membership Expansion Director
Mark Maggiora, Director
Carolyn Long, Director
Kathy Lawrence, Director
Jim Gizzi, Director
Kris Greene, Director
Alice Linker, Director

We thank you for standing up for good jobs, less poverty, and cleaner government.